Re-Locate LLC

Re-Locate LLC was formed to direct immersed research and development of mobile infrastructure, including water and sanitation systems, for Kivalina and other communities planning to relocate. These systems are usable at existing community locations and can be moved to future sites.

The LLC has developed, in partnership with the Kivalina City and IRA Councils and Biomass Controls, the world’s first winterized human waste bioreactor. The Kivalina Biochar Reactor is the village’s response to honeybuckets, an overflowing landfill, and declining public infrastructure budgets. The unit converts separated solid human waste to biochar, a carbon-rich and pathogen-free byproduct. We are in the process of commissioning the Reactor on-site in Kivalina. Read an article about a training we hosted in December at Red Dog Port site here (starts on page 3). NANA’s Village Economic Development program and Teck funded the project, at the joint request of the Kivalina City and Tribal Councils.

Reactor Photo Credits: Andrew J.S.

Reactor interior during fabrication

Kivalina Biochar Reactor Training (Red Dog Port Site, December, 2016).

Re-Locate LLC is also participating in the Alaska Water and Sewer Challenge (AKWSC) as part of the Summit Team. The purpose of the AKWSC is to develop decentralized, in-home water and sanitation systems designed to the economic, social, and environmental parameters that exist in Alaskan communities still lacking water and sanitation infrastructure. Systems should store, clean, and reuse fresh and wash water and should pre-process human waste within the home. The use of urine diverting dry toilets (UDDTs) has revolutionized what is possible for decentralized and relocatable systems not only in the home but downstream where centralized but mobile systems process separated grey water, solid human waste (the Kivalina Biochar Reactor), and urine.

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