Become an Agent of Change

During an on-site visit to Kivalina in August 2012 WochenKlausur researched a list of every-day problems which people in Kivalina are facing due to the villages remote location and lack of resources. In order to create ideas how to overcome these barriers, WochenKlausur now invites “Agents of Change”: Individuals, organizations or associations in the US and worldwide who, together with the village, are developing alternatives and implementing them on-site. The Re-Locate curatorial team coordinates the work of all Agents of Change and continue to invite more. Get Involved!

Among others, the Agents of Change are:

The [applied] Foreign Affairs Lab who is working on water supply, distribution and consumption systems in the village to identify problems and find alternatives for the existing and future village locations.

Katherine Ball, a US-based artist who engages with the youth in Kivalina to open and run a community garden.

Students from the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmith University, aim to create a physical model of the village in order to illustrate the complex legal and political relationships in play to make them understandable and questionable.

Architecture Without Borders Austria is designing a new re-location centre in Kivalina where re-location will be planned by the village and its collaborators. The design process itself will create an opportunity for the village and related agencies to see how buildings in Kivalina can be designed more specificely to reflect climate, site, and social life in the village.

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