Sharon Daniel is Professor of Film and Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she teaches classes in digital media theory and practice. Her research involves collaborations with local and on-line communities, which exploit information and communications technologies as new sites for “public art.” Daniel’s role as an artist is that of “context provider” — assisting communities, collecting their stories, soliciting their opinions on politics and social justice, and building the online archives and interfaces that make this data available across social, cultural and economic boundaries. Her goal is to avoid representation – not to attempt to speak for others but to allow them to speak for themselves.

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klaus mayer freier architekt anchorage_berlin studied architecture and received his degree at the university of applied science in stuttgart, germany. he has lived and worked in alaska since 1995. from 2001-2013 he was co-founder and partner of mayer sattler-smith, llc. since in alaska he was appointed trustee of the alaska design forum in 1998 and from 1999 to 2012 was president of the board. klaus was named a loeb fellow at harvard university graduate school of design for the academic year 2004-2005. he is a frequent guest critic at universities such as harvard university, massachusetts institute of technology, university of michigan, university of munich and others.











Garrett Burtner is an Alaska-born architect and artist working in Anchorage and a board member of the Alaska Design Forum. Through his work at McCool Carlson Green Architects Garrett has had several opportunities to design for remote parts of Alaska.  This work raises questions of the climatic viability and cultural relevance of conventional forms of construction in rural Alaska.  Garrett’s interest in Re-Locate stems from a desire to explore these questions and thereby improve the performance and livability of the projects he works on. Garrett helped considerably with Re-Locate’s launch in 2012 and we are grateful for his service to the project even though he is no longer an active collaborator.

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