Center for Kivalina Territorial Planning and Global Responsibility for Climate Displacement

The renovation of the Kivalina Community Center took six weeks to complete with the support and committed dedication of the local Kivalina crew (Reppi Swan, Charles Adams, Oran Knox Jr., and Robert Hawley), JADE Craftsman Builders (Dan Neumeyer, Taz Squire, and Micheal Cox), and Re-Locate directors (Michael Gerace and Jen Marlow). Funding for the renovation was made possible by ArtPlace America’s Creative Placemaking Grant.

See also photos of the community center in winter taken by architect Klaus Mayer on March 3, 2018.

The community center renovation, while directed by the process of architecture and design, was a community-making project. And a political project. Its purpose, as stated by the Kivalina Relocation Planning Committee Chairman Enoch Adams, Jr., is to “give our community its first visible, viable evidence of our endeavors towards relocation, and our effort the beginning of its confirmation.”

The space will house village relocation planning meetings, a physical and digital Kivalina Relocation archive, beds for guests and relocation collaborators, and includes a space to test innovative components of an end-to-end nonsewered water and sanitation system, which the City and Tribe initiated by collaborating on the development of the Kivalina Biochar Reactor.

Here are before and after photos of the community center:

See our Facebook page for more photos here. Watch video clips of the renovation in progress here.

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