Tradition and Modernity: The Feasibility of Regional Architecture in Post-Modern Society, Juhani Pallasmaa on Fluxwurx

“The diversity of building in traditional societies is brought about by the impact of local conditions and the specificity of culture. In our own culture the sheer force of industrial technology, combined with mobility, mass-communication, and uniformity of life-style, is causing cultural entropy that minimalizes diversity. What is the feasibility of regional culture and architecture in a world in which two billion people gather simultaneously around TV sets to watch the same football match? Are we not gradually becoming detached from our foothold in geographic and cultural soil and going to live in a fictitious and fabricated culture, the culture of simulacra that Umberto Eco has written about? Are we not moving towards a worldwide consumerist folklore, a mosaic of impacts and information detached from their origin. Isn’t our culture doomed to lose all its authenticity and turn into a planetary waxworks-show?”

Tradition and Modernity: The Feasibility of Regional Archicture in Post-Modern Society, Juhani Pallasmaa. 

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